5 Gadgets to Get Dad Moving

If you’re a Hamilton Vein Center patient, you know how we feel about exercise around here – just do it! Everything benefits — the heart, muscles, joints, brain, veins — when you drop the remote and get out for at least 30 minutes of daily cardiovascular activity. And with Father’s Day just around the corner (it’s Sunday, June 16th guys!), here are 5 cool gadgets to get dear ‘ol dad movin’ and one cool link to some fun playlists to keep him groovin’. The hope being that all that movin’ and a-groovin’ can help dad give varicose veins and vein disease the Heisman.

2011 Heisman Trophy Winner Portraits

Armpocket Nighthawk Armband

Featured item at Consumer Electronics Show 2013


Dad won’t have an excuse not to exercise before the sun comes up or once it starts to go down with the Armpocket Nighthawk Armband. This nifty arm candy lets dad stash his phone, cash and up to five credit cards (not that dad would be traveling with this much loot on him, but there’s room if that’s how he rolls), plus it features white LED lights that act as personal headlights by shining 30 feet of road / sidewalk / path ahead. A steady or flashing red light can be seen a mile away, alerting traffic that they’re not the only ones out on the road!

For more info and to purchase: armpocket.com

Pioneer Water-resistant Earbud Headphones

pioneer earbuds

We have lots of runners on staff at Hamilton Vein, and we’re always talking about finding the perfect pair of headphones to run or workout in. The folks over at Men’s Health touted these Pioneer earbud headphones as being the best-sounding, waterproof buds around. We like that they come with 4 interchangeable ear tip sizes, fun color choices and are a cinch to clean. $60

For more info and to purchase: pioneerelectronics.com What are your favorite workout earbuds? Let us know on the Hamilton Vein Center Facebook page or in the comment box below. 

Playlists for every type of dad


Load up dad’s phone or iPod (that will go in his Armpocket Nighthawk Armband and play slightly above the recommended volume through his new Pioneer water-resistant earbuds) with these tunes.

Fitbit Flex Wristband

Featured item at Consumer Electronics Show 2013


For dads who love to talk stats, here’s something right up their alley. The Fitbit Flex Wristband tracks steps, distance, calories churned, active time and sleep time. Dads will love the 10-day battery life and dads who understand the importance of color-coordinating – it will soon be sold in a 3-pack of different colors.

For more info and to purchase: fitbit.com

Doppler Ultrasound

Featured item at Hamilton Vein Center

You can’t buy this high-tech gadget, but, lucky for dad, we have lots of them here at Hamilton Vein Center — Doppler Ultrasound. We rely on ultrasound to give us an an inside look at veins – to see how they are functioning and where, if present, vein disease has caused the vein to enlarge and engorge. It also guides our vein specialists as they perform today’s most advanced, minimally invasive vein treatments.

Tell dad to call 281-565-0033 to schedule a vein consult and ultrasound screening. The gift of a vein ultrasound is one every dad should get!

Swimovate Pool Mate Swimming Watches


As the temperatures and the grills heat up, dad will be wanting to hit the pool. Give him a Pool Mate Swimming Watch (3 “levels” to choose from) to track his swimming prowess lap after lap.

For more info and to purchase: swimovateusa.com

Map My Run


This cool app is the bomb for tracking where dad’s going and where dad’s been.

To download visit mapmyrun.com

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