5 Things You Must Know about Vein Disease, Houston!

It’s a Medical Condition. One of the greatest myths surrounding vein disease is that it’s just a cosmetic problem. In fact, it is a medical condition because when the vein wall becomes engorged and stretched, blood that is meant to pump from the legs back up to the heart is unable to do so and flows backwards because the vein’s valves can’t open and close properly due to the stretching. Unfortunately many doctors and other health professionals such as dermatologists still don’t consider vein disease when patients come to them complaining of heavy, tired, aching, painful, restless legs —  each are classic signs of vein disease — or have developed skin conditions such as skin discoloration, reoccurring ezcema, edema, and ulcers — that are often caused by vein disease. It’s frustrating, but vein disease is still a very under-diagnosed, mis-diagnosed, under-treated medical condition.

It’s Progressive. Once you are diagnosed with vein disease, it will continue to worsen over time if left untreated. As the condition progresses, so does the discomfort and pain. Eventually the condition manifests itself in such chronic forms as edema, venous dermatitis, skin discoloration and ulcers.

It’s Hereditary.  “Bad” veins unfortunately run in the family, so it’s important to know your family’s medical history. And as age is an important factor as well, take notice when mom or granddad complains about his or her restless, hurting legs – chances are it’s vein disease that’s causing their discomfort.

It’s Treatable.  The advancements in the technologies to treat vein disease have taken treatments out of the hospital and placed them in the comfort and convenience of an outpatient setting, with little to no downtime, quick recovery periods and amazing, life-transforming results. Vein specialists in Houston, such as the team at Hamilton Vein Center, are experts in the image-guided vein treatment procedures that end your vein pain painlessly through a nick the size of a grain of rice.

It’s Covered.  As vein disease is a medical condition, treatment is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance. Some insurance companies require a “wait time” where conservative treatment is required. This means the wearing of compression tights or socks during a specific period of time. Compression wear will ease discomfort and improve circulation while you are wearing it, however, the only true fix is a minimally invasive treatment that actually closes the diseased vein, rerouting the blood to healthier, deeper veins.

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