Afraid of Getting Your Veins Treated? Have No Fear

It’s Halloween and everyone’s a little jumpy. We understand.

But there’s one thing you never have to fear – and that’s getting your veins treated. Even you Latrophobics (fear of doctors) and Agliophobics (fear of pain) have nothing to fear.

scared lady


C’mon out, it’s okay.

Here’s why.

Today’s vein treatments all begin the same way — with a painless ultrasound of the legs to determine if vein disease is present and, if it is, where the source is. Did you see that? PAINLESS ultrasound.

If vein disease is present, your vein specialist will discuss with you treatment options that will shut down the diseased vein and bring immediate relief. This may be the point some of you begin to sweat.

Time to put those worries to rest!

Today’s vein treatments have evolved tremendously from the days of painful, ineffective vein stripping. Proven results and widespread acceptance of image-guided, diagnostic ultrasound and radiofrequency ablation technologies have paved the way for vein sufferers to “get their legs back” in the comfort and convenience of a vein specialist’s office — in most cases, in less than an hour.

These minimally invasive procedures allow vein specialists to treat the diseased vein through a nick in the skin the size of a grain of rice.

Whether it’s the closure of a single vein or more advanced intervention to remedy a more serious, complex disorder, today’s minimally invasive vein treatments provide:

Immediate relief of symptoms

Quick recovery periods

Little to no downtime

Noticeable results

Relief at any stage – no matter the stage of the progression

Your comfort and complete confidence in your vein treatment(s) is our #1 priority. We are very experienced at what we do — treating veins is all we do 24/7 — and we take extra special care of our “nervous Nellies” or “freaked out Freds.” We can’t tell you how many times we’ve finished a procedure and heard, “It’s already over?”

You CAN DO THIS! The only thing that should fear a vein treatment is vein disease!

happy halloween