Butcher’s Broom Herbal Supplement — Your Veins’ Best Friend.

Back in the day, butchers must have had the best legs in town. They did, after all, like to use ruscus aculeatus to sweep their shops and clean their boards. And they probably sipped it in their tea as well.

Ruscus Aculeatus — a.k.a. Butchers Broom

Today, ruscus aculeatus, is commonly referred to as butcher’s broom, but it’s been helping improve people’s circulatory systems, among other things, as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans. 

Butchers broom was used by the ancient Romans and Greeks for its vascular improving qualities.
You need strong veins when you’re out conquering the world.

Butcher’s broom is good news for those suffering with varicose veins and other signs of vein disease because it contains two key steroidal saponin compounds: ruscogenin and neuroscogenin whose anti-inflammatory components help constrict and strengthen veins. This supervein supplement also contains an A-list of citrus flavonoids and chemical compounds, like rutin and coumarin, that go to work strengthening capillaries and vascular walls, tightening veins, and reducing clotting by naturally thinning the blood.

Widely accepted throughout Europe, butcher’s broom is even given to patients in hospitals post-surgery to prevent blood clots. Commission E, the German herb regulatory agency, approved butcher’s broom as a complementary therapy for chronic venous insufficiency as it helped alleviate feelings of pain, heaviness, as well as cramping, itching, tingling and swelling.

Again, it all goes back to butcher’s broom being so anti-. Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. And when it comes to supplements that are pro-vein health, anti- is good. 

For more in-depth information regarding butcher’s broom and the studies and research that have been conducted, the American Botanical Council has some thorough information.

Before taking any herbal supplements, please consult Dr. Hamilton or your healthcare provider. Some herbs are not suitable for people with certain medical conditions and may interfere with certain medications.