Compression Hose Wearing Doesn’t Have to be a Summer Bummer

If you’re suffering with tired, aching, heavy-feeling legs or with one or more of the chronic conditions of vein disease – like leg ulcers – you’re absolutely doing the right thing for you and your health by getting your leg veins treated now instead of waiting until it’s cooler.

Besides getting double extra points, gold stars, and perhaps a comment or two on your “suddenly tan legs,” you are a bona fide “vein treatment rock star” for going through conservative vein treatment or getting a vein treatment(s) done during the Houston summer.

Here’s the deal.  There’s no getting around wearing compression hose either before a vein treatment procedure (conservative therapy) or post-treatment. And just because it’s 100 degrees and humid as all get out, you don’t get a pass. You’ve got to “obey vein doctor’s orders” and wear your compression hose as religiously as you would if it’s December and 50 outside.

But it’s hot, right?

sun beating down

True, but if you think big picture – it’s only 2-3 weeks of your life (post-treatment). Conservative wait times required by many insurance companies vary from a week to up to three months, depending – but you have more wiggle room during that period, meaning there are other conservative measures you can do in addition to the hose/sock wearing. And you can take the hose/socks off to swim, etc. But according to Dr. Hamilton, there is no wiggle room post-treatment though as compression is key to the healing process, but you can manage by wearing looser, free-flowing, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen to keep the situation a tad cooler during this time. There are also open toe options for compression hose, so you can wear them with flip flops and sandals. And choosing a lighter colored compression tight helps too.

Bonus! Compression minimizes summer leg swelling – how cool is that?

Vein disease is a progressive medical condition, so it doesn’t care what time of year it is, it’s going to continue marching on, wreaking havoc on your veins. Matter of fact, veins take even more of a hit in the summer because the heat causes them to dilate, further weakening already weak veins. So wearing compression hose or socks is actually a smart thing to do to ward off leg swelling and vein dilation. If you’re not going through conservative treatment or post-treatment healing, then experiment with lower mmHg (what the heck is mmHg?) medical grade compression hose or socks until you hit on one that’s comfortable yet doing it’s job well. Our male patients give CEP socks a thumbs up and the ladies might find the compression selection at rejuvahealth more fashionable.

To find out more why compression wear is important and to learn the lingo, how to buy and where to buy it, check out these Hamilton Vein blog posts about compression wear and 5 things you must know about vein disease.

Don’t make “Well, it’s summer” a reason to put off your vein treatment and allow your vein disease to keep on progressing along. Nip it in the bud now by calling 281-565-0033 to schedule your vein consultation and screening at a conveniently located Hamilton Vein Center Houston vein treatment center.