Dr. Hamilton Discusses Exciting, New Varicose Vein Treatment on KPRC

Long gone are the days of vein stripping to treat bulging, irritating varicose veins. Thanks to advancements in interventional radiology, varicose veins and other conditions caused by “bad veins” — vein disease — can be nipped in the bud with highly targeted, minimally invasive vein treatments that utilize image-guided technologies and heat or medicinal foams to close the vein permanently. In addition to minimally invasive radiofrequency ablations (RFA) treatments, there’s an exciting, new procedure called Varithena® — where polidocanol injectable foam is injected into the diseased vein to shut it down. Injectable foam is the gold standard in shutting down spider veins, and now is able to tackle larger veins with this exciting, new vein treatment.

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