Dr. Justin Smith of Hamilton Vein Center San Antonio on SA LIVE

Dr. Justin G. Smith, Clinic Director of Hamilton Vein Center San Antonio, along with patient, Mr. Burkhardt, discuss vein disease with SA Live host, Jeff, on the June 17th show. Mr. Burkhardt had a lot of the typical signs of vein disease including leg pain, tiredness, swelling and restless leg syndrome. He noticed immediate results in his vein symptoms and is back doing the things he loves!

At Hamilton Vein Center, expert ultrasound techs and board-certified interventional radiologists properly diagnose and treat vein disease with today’s highly advanced, minimally invasive, image-guided vein treatments. Here, Dr. Smith explains how today’s vein treatments are light years away from the days of painful vein stripping. He also highly encourages anyone with suspected vein issues or leg issues in general to come in for a vein consultation and screening. Vein disease is a factor behind many leg issues, including swelling, restlessness, discoloration, leg ulcers and feelings such as heaviness, achiness, and tiredness. If you’re having any issues with your legs — find out if vein disease is behind it. If it is, you’re in luck. Vein disease is very treatable at any stage. We want to help you look and feel better — give Hamilton Vein Center San Antonio a call today at 210.504.4304.

Hamilton Vein Center has locations in San Antonio in Stone Oak, Alamo Heights and Westover Hills.