Great Day Houston Segment: Patient with Venous Dermatitis

Vein disease isn’t just bulging veins and spider veins. Oftentimes it’s more stealth and chameleon-like in the way it presents itself. As in the case of Hamilton Vein Center patient, Lou Ann Zeeches who thought her pinkish rash was a skin problem. When the discoloration became deeper, Lou Ann asked her doctor about it and, lucky for her, he recognized it as a symptom of vein disease and referred Lou Ann to Hamilton Vein Center in Sugar Land. During her visit, an ultrasound confirmed that she had vein disease and she was diagnosed with venous dermatitis. She had a vein treatment, which put an end to her problem with no downtime whatsoever for her! Call 281-565-0033 to schedule your vein consultation and screening today!