Guys Get Varicose Veins Too

Louis Cavalli

Meet Louis Cavalli — nice fella, former varicose vein sufferer, Hamilton Vein Center patient, man.

And he’s smiling for a reason.

You see, Louis finally found relief after suffering for years with bulging, chain-like veins after a series of minimally invasive, no downtime vein treatments at Hamilton Vein Center Sugar Land.

Louis’ vein experience mirrors the many we hear from our patients, but it’s the guys this time that we want to listen up. Because almost as many men suffer from vein disease as the ladies. And that’s a fact, Jack.

The reasons men and women develop vein disease are similar except women get to add the dreaded hormones into the equation. But primarily it’s heredity, jobs that require long periods of standing, and excess weight that cause veins to stretch and engorge. Women tend to take notice of the cosmetic and the “feelings” associated with vein disease — like tiredness, achiness, heaviness, restlessness, cramping and itching — and take action with a minimally invasive vein treatment.  While men tend to ignore both the feelings and the cosmetic because they chalk varicose veins and vein pain as a sign of getting older and just put up with it. This is where the guys need to take the lead from the ladies and nip vein problems in the bud before their legs end up looking like this

Cracked Skin | Discoloration | Scabs






or this

Varicose-Veins - Men










Take it from former vein sufferers and Hamilton Vein Center varicose vein treatment patients — Louis Cavalli and Gary Eubank — today’s minimally invasive, varicose vein treatments end vein pain and suffering once and for all.

So don’t be a guy! Schedule a vein consultation and screening at any one of the eight Houston area Hamilton Vein Center locations today by calling 281-565-0033 and get your flow mojo back!