Hamilton Vein Center Announces New Katy Vein Treatment Center

HOUSTON, Texas – Hamilton Vein Center is pleased to announce the opening of its Katy vein treatment center – the eighth location in a multi-phase plan to bring the most advanced, minimally invasive varicose vein treatments to the people of Texas.

Since opening its doors three years ago, Hamilton Vein Center has been on a mission to end people’s unnecessary vein pain and suffering through awareness campaigns, patient education and providing convenient access to today’s most advanced vein treatments. As a leader among vein clinics in Texas, the mission continues with this most recent expansion into Katy.

“So many people suffer unknowingly from vein disease. It flies under the radar of most doctors and health care providers because the signs are missed or ignored all together. Misdiagnoses happen so often, especially with restless leg cases, skin issues, and ulcers. The veins aren’t suspected at all,” said Carlos R. Hamilton III, founder and medical director of Hamilton Vein Center. “Every day at our offices and every time we open a new vein treatment center, we see it as an opportunity to make people aware that there is relief for their vein pain and embarrassment. Our patients are our best ambassadors in the fight against vein disease, spreading the word to family and friends.”

Vein disease is a progressive medical condition that causes the vein walls to stretch and enlarge due to venous reflux — the backward flow of blood. Beyond the cosmetic signs, such as spider veins or bulging veins, there are feelings associated with the disease, like heaviness, tiredness, achiness, restlessness and cramping — each one an early sign of vein disease. Left undiagnosed and untreated, vein disease symptoms worsen and become more chronic and debilitating, leading to skin discoloration, edema, venous dermatitis, and leg ulcers.

Hamilton Vein Center’s team of board-certified interventional radiologists are experts in ultrasound and the latest, most effective, minimally invasive vein treatment technologies. Long gone are the days of painful, ineffective vein stripping. Today’s gentle, minimally invasive vein treatments go to the source of the problem and shut it down to improve quality of life – no matter the stage of progression. Patients can expect virtually little to no pain, a fast recovery period, little to no downtime, and immediate relief. Procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and qualifying conditions are covered by insurance and Medicare.

Hamilton Vein Center Katy is located in the Kingsland Medical building at 23510 Kingsland Blvd. in suite 100. Please call 281-565-0033 to schedule an appointment and get relief from your vein pain and discomfort now!

Since 2010, Hamilton Vein Center has been helping people feel better and look better by providing the most advanced, virtually pain-free approach to the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease.  Through the use of minimally invasive procedures, board-certified interventional radiologists are able to treat patients in the clinic with little to no downtime needed. For more information, please visit www.hamiltonvein.com.

Nisha Franklin
Director of Marketing
(O) 281.306.0398