Happy Cinco en Mayo!

We know, we know. It looks like we flunked Spanish class, but we really do mean to say Happy Cinco En Mayo! (The actual title for this post is “Happy Cinco (incentives to get your legs-summer ready) En Mayo — but that’s a tad long for search engines to handle!

In honor of Cinco DE Mayo, we thought we’d join in the fun on this is festive day – with it being the unofficial kickoff to summer and all – and give you 5 great reasons to get your legs summer-ready in May.

#5 Texas Heat

Need we say more. Shorts & Skirts. You will be wanting to wear them, but maybe you don’t want to right now because you’re embarrassed about the spider and varicose veins on your legs.

A minimally invasive vein treatment will get you back into these cool fashions in less than an hour. On an outpatient basis. No downtime. So schedule a vein treatment today to help you beat Texas heat tomorrow!

#4 Swim Suits

Well, most of us aren’t super keen about the prospect of swimsuit season. But don’t let embarrassing leg veins or vein discomfort be one of your reasons, keeping you from splashing in the pool with the grandkids or taking a dip at Hamilton Pool!

#3 Outdoor Activities

The gorgeous spring weather we enjoyed this past weekend makes you want to hit the garden, hit the hike ‘n bike trail, and the beach – but if it hurts your legs to do anything that requires extended standing or really any movement at all – it’s time to come in for a  vein consultation and see if it’s vein disease that’s the source of your discomfort and the reason you aren’t able to enjoy activities you normally like to do.

# 2 Flip Flops & Sandals

Sometimes vein disease manifests itself in the ankle area causing skin discoloration and skin irritation of the ankles and feet. What you think is probably a dermatological issue or “just part of getting old” may be undiagnosed vein disease. Matter of stat – 2-6 million people who suffer with swelling or skin changes have vein disease1

 #1 You will feel better!

Whether it’s a tiny spider vein, bulging vein or more serious vein condition like venous dermatitis, leg ulcer, or skin discoloration, a gentle, minimally invasive vein treatment WILL improve how you feel – both your legs and your mindset.

The stats tell the story — 400,000 Houstonians have advanced vein disease and 70,000 have venous ulcers. That’s a lot of people walking around unnecessarily with painful and often debilitating symptoms. Don’t be a stat anymore.

Take care of your leg veins in May for a happy, healthy summer! Call 281-565-0033 today to schedule a vein consultation and ultrasound.

Sources for this article

1 — (White JV, Ryjewski C. Chronic venous insufficiency. Perspect Vasc Surg Endovasc Ther 2005;17:319-27)