Hey, Moms! Time to Focus on YOU and Your Legs

This one is for the moms out there.

Now that school is in session, it’s time to turn the focus back on to you a little. Time to get reconnected with your health, including your leg vein health. So we are re-posting this article we wrote this time last year — to help make you aware of how important it is to maintain a healthy circulatory system and how easy it is to fix a vein problem if you have one. Remember, a healthy mom is a happy mom!

(Originally posted 9/11/2013)

Moms are masters of time. You have to be, right? As soon as that school bus door slams shut each morning

school bus

or you wave off the darlings from the carpool line, you take a long draw from your “World’s Greatest Mom” coffee cup and it’s a race against time to get as much ticked off the never-ending “mom to do” list before the darlings come home.

Businesswoman in a hurry

It’s amazing what moms can accomplish in a day. Give a mom just about any task and a timeframe to complete it in, and she will dazzle you with her ability to make it happen right down to the nano-second — even squeezing in a 3.5 minute drive thru run for a latte before she’s due at the bus stop for pick up. However, there is one time issue a lot of moms can’t get a handle on, and that’s allowing time for a well-deserved and much-needed “mommy time out” when it comes to taking care of their leg vein issues.

Of course, there are reasons for this.

1. Not giving vein disease the time of day.

Vein disease is not on a lot of people’s radars. And that’s mainly because vein disease is not on most healthcare providers’ radars. It is one of the most under diagnosed and undiagnosed medical conditions. Many doctors, dermatologists and general surgeons don’t recognize the symptoms of vein disease or consider it as a possible underlying reason for the symptoms moms complain of most: spider veins; tired, achy, heavy feeling legs; and bulging veins.

Plus, a lot of moms think the squiggly lines that have graced their legs since the birth of their children are a cosmetic problem or that the heavy feeling or bulging veins that have stuck with them since being pregnant are just something moms have to deal with. Actually, vein disease is a medical condition that is primarily caused by heredity, but, for women, hormones and pregnancies – especially multiple ones — factor in as causes of vein disease as well. Ugly veins are the warning shot. Kind of like gray hairs and that new frown line. Time can be such a bully!

2. The perception that vein treatments take too much time and slow you down.

Here’s how a vein treatment scenario usually times out: A) Initial vein consultation and screening – average time: 30 minutes b) Vein Treatment — at Hamilton Vein Center we aim to keep every vein treatment to less than an hour, start to finish. C) Vein treatments are performed in the comfort and convenience of a full-service Hamilton Vein Center location, so there’s no wasting time at the hospital with time-consuming check-in/check-out procedures and long waits. D) You can expect no downtime, a quick recovery and immediate relief, plus other benefits. So no time loss there.

(Bonus: Think of all the e-mails you’ll be able to catch up on and online orders you can place while you’re waiting in one of the comfy chairs in the patient waiting area?)

3. The perception that “There’s time. It can wait.”

In its early stages, you tend to “feel” vein disease more than “see” it. Vein disease is actually a progressive medical condition caused by venous reflux, that, left undiagnosed and untreated, will worsen over time, causing veins to enlarge, engorge and even “break the banks,” wreaking havoc on surrounding skin tissue. The progression of vein disease symptoms varies from person to person and manifests itself in many advanced forms of the disease – from leg swellingskin discoloration to venous leg ulcers and venous dermatitis.

progression threesome

So don’t put off doing something now about those embarrassing spider veins or that tired, achy feeling in the legs. Time is not on your side if you are diagnosed with vein disease. It will get worse.

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Right now is a great time to “get it done.”

With fall just around the corner and the kids back in school, give yourself an hour here or there and get the vein issue dealt with now. Because if you think it’s going to slow you down now to do something about it, you’ll really be kicking yourself in a few years when it really starts to slow you down.  Besides, we want you to be Disney-World-ready by spring break!

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