How To Keep (Your Legs) Calm. And Summer On.

Hamilton Vein Center physician liaisons are our vein disease education ambassadors, meeting with doctors and health care providers to educate them about vein disease, the symptoms of vein disease, and how Hamilton Vein Center can help their patients with suspected vein problems live healthier lives.

One thing our liaisons are hearing from doctors right now is that many Texans are experiencing — swollen legs! Turns out TEXAS HEAT + WEAKENED / DILATED VEINS = SWELLING

Has the Texas heat caused your legs to resemble a puffer fish too? Well, at least without the prickles (we hope).

puffer fish

The Summertime Flyer our liaisons are leaving behind with providers has some great tips on how to keep legs less puffer-fishish. We want to pass along this Summer Swelling Survival Guide on to you too! Click here Summertime Flyer to read how to keep your legs cool and summer on in comfort.

It’s important to remember that leg swelling is often a sign of a potential vein problem. Veins that become dilated by heat can weaken, which can lead to irregular blood flow through the veins. That’s when problems can take shape — like swelling.

If you are experiencing leg issues of any kind, schedule a vein consultation at a conveniently located Hamilton Vein Center — and see if your veins are up to something that will last longer than the Texas heat.

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(Content in the HVC Summertime Flyer is adapted from Varicose Veins in Summertime from