Invisible Signs of Vein Disease

The temperature gauge is starting to fire up, so everyone is starting to break out the shorts and skirts.

Summer weather means it's shorts weather! A vein treatment gets your legs summer-ready

So now that everyone is showing a little more leg, we’d like for you to have a little “vein disease awareness moment” next time you’re at the ballpark, standing in line at the grocery store, sitting by the pool with the grandkids, wherever, and see how many people you notice with bulging veins, leg swelling, skin discoloration and spider veins on their legs. Or maybe you just need to look down at your own legs to see these obvious, visible signs of vein disease? It’s really shocking how many people have visible signs of vein disease out there. Believe us, it’s very difficult not to pass out our business cards all day and let people know we can offer them relief!

Vein disease is a very misunderstood and misdiagnosed medical condition. It has a few obvious symptoms – such as bulging, twisted veins – but what most people and, unfortunately, many healthcare providers don’t realize is that much of the time, vein disease is not seen until much later in its progression.

That’s because, in its earlier stages, vein disease usually isn’t seen at all. It’s more of a feeling, sensation. And these feelings are also associated with a plethora of other medical conditions and vein disease is also not really focused on during most doctors’ medical training, so it’s not a “usual suspect” as far as doctors are concerned.

Signs of vein disease you can’t see, but can feel are:


Leg restlessness


Itching & burning

Heavy & lethargic

These feelings are often misconstrued by sufferers and healthcare providers alike to be symptoms of aging, a weight problem, muscle fatigue, some other medical condition, a neurological or dermatological issue, or tied to an existing, determined medical condition such as diabetes.

Another “invisible sign” of vein disease is genetics.

HAMI-0003 Know Your Veins 2

And if you want to be really pro-active and know you have a genetic predisposition to developing vein disease, stay on top of it by coming in and seeing us. We will check your veins, using Doppler ultrasound, to see if vein disease is present or not. There are many things you can be doing to support your veins and the health of your vein walls. Because once vein disease sets in, it progressively stretches and weakens vein walls to the point where the valves that control blood flow are not able to open and close properly. This leads to backward flow – venous reflux – and the symptomatic feelings begin.

So, now you know that vein disease is one of those sneaky medical conditions that has so many of us tricked into thinking it’s something else.

If you’re having any issues with your legs — and we do mean anything — schedule your vein consult and screening and see if it’s “up-to-no-good” vein disease that’s really causing your discomfort, pain or embarrassment.

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