Managing Lymphedema with Vein Treatment

It really is amazing how the symptoms of vein disease play an underlying or even major role in a number of medical conditions that over 80 million Americans suffer with daily. But the most amazing thing is how once the veins are treated, symptoms are reduced or disappear all together.

Case in point — we have had terrific success with our patients who suffer with vein disease as well as debilitating lymphedema. Because the body’s lymphatic and venous systems are intricately connected systems, both are affected when one or the other or both are diseased or compromised. Which also means that successful medical intervention – like a vein treatment – can reduce or eradicate symptoms in one or the other or both all together.

To understand how the symptoms of vein disease and the symptoms of lymphedema are connected, it helps to understand what both of these progressive medical conditions are.

What is lymphedema?leg_swelling_lrg
Lymphedema is the build up of lymphatic fluid within your body’s connective tissues that causes swelling. It is a chronic condition that occurs when the lymphatic vessels are either missing, impaired or damaged. Over time, the protein-rich fluid reduces oxygen availability, which can prevent proper wound healing and cause infection.

What is vein disease?
Vein disease is a broad term to describe the progressive breakdown of a superficial vein wall. Once the vein wall begins to enlarge and lose elasticity, the valves that control the flow of blood from the leg back up to the heart are unable to open and close properly. The vital gate motion is disrupted and blood begins to flow backwards.vein valves, venous insufficiency, damaged vein, vein disease, reflux

Unchecked vein disease leads to venous hypertension pressure within the vein wall – which can lead to pooling of blood in surround tissue areas. A knock on effect begins as the pooled blood becomes the lymphatic system’s job to clean up. If the vein disease is left untreated, the “job” can become too much for the lymphatic system, especially if the system has been compromised. This then leads to swelling in the affected area.

Lymphedema and vein disease share similar symptoms.
Because the lymphatic and venous systems are so interconnected, lymphedema manifests itself via skin changes that mimic some of the skin changes that occur in advanced vein disease. Because of this, treating a patient’s vein issue will improve his or her lymphatic condition as well.

We are dedicated to helping people who suffer with lymphedema.
If you suffer with lymphedema, we strongly encourage you to schedule a vein screening and consultation at any conveniently located Hamilton Vein Center to see if vein disease is present. If it is, our vein specialists will work with you and your lymphedema treatment therapist, to come up with a plan to end your vein pain and suffering and ease your lymphedema condition as well.

Our lymphedema patients in Austin work with Christina Hankins, a certified lymphedema therapist. Christina is dedicated to making these patients independent with their lymphedema home management systems. Today’s minimally invasive vein treatments play an important role with her personalized care plans.

Ease the suffering of living with lymphedema with a highly effective vein treatment.
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