Meet Philip DeBaker: A Chance Encounter Leads to Advanced Vein Problem Relief.

 Philip DeBaker

  Philip DeBaker

It was about four years ago when Philip DeBaker started to take notice of the changes in his legs. They had become slightly achy and heavy feeling. Gradually, the achiness and heaviness increased, to the point that the activities he enjoyed doing – like cutting the grass and working outside – became more difficult. When he’d be out with his wife at the grocery store, he’d lean on the shopping cart or find a chair to sit down if they were out at the mall. All he wanted to do when his legs felt like this was to get off his feet and lie down.

When the feelings persisted and worsened to the point he was not able to perform his job – which often requires him to stand for hours at a time – comfortably, Mr. DeBaker consulted with doctors. He found that while doctors mean well, they were not able to address the problem — most often attributing his symptoms to being overweight, his age and other medical conditions.

When a sizable leg sore developed, Mr. DeBaker became very worried. He recalls, “The skin on my legs changed and became more like leather, and the hair all died off in some areas. In the area surrounding the sore, the color of the skin started changing too. I didn’t know what to do or who to go to for help.”

That is until he happened to overhear Dr. Hamilton speaking on Great Day Houston one morning while he was in the kitchen. He wasn’t really paying attention but when he heard Dr. Hamilton describe the various symptoms of vein disease – that’s when Mr. DeBaker had his “eureka!” moment. He remembers thinking — “This guy is describing all of my symptoms!” He wrote down the contact information from the show and made an appointment to come in for an ultrasound and vein consultation.

Needless to say, this story has a happy ending. Here is Mr. DeBaker, along with Dr. Hamilton, telling his vein treatment journey on Great Day Houston – the show that kicked off his road to recovery from vein disease.