Monday was a “Great Day” for Hamilton Vein Center

Vein disease awareness and education is a top priority for us at Hamilton Vein Center. And our patients are our best ambassadors for helping us spread the word. This past Monday, August 17, Mr. Bill Hampson and his interventional radiologist vein specialist Dr. A.J. Valenson — clinic director of Hamilton Vein Center Clear Lake, appeared on Great Day Houston and Mrs. Helen Sturdevant, appeared alongside Hamilton Vein Center vein specialist, Dr. Justin Smith — clinic director of Hamilton Vein Center San Antonio, on HVC’s first-ever appearance on Great Day San Antonio!

Our patients’ vein experience stories are incredible testaments to the power of today’s highly advanced, highly effective, minimally invasive vein treatments. More often than not, our patients suffered for years with vein disease before visiting us and discovering that underlying vein disease was either the main reason or a factor behind a bevy of symptoms — including pain, tiredness, restlessness, leg wounds, discoloration, and more. Most people don’t even know what vein disease is — even though it affects millions. While vein disease is progressive, it is a very treatable medical condition — at any stage.

View the videos below and find out how the vein specialists at Hamilton Vein Center helped Mr. Hampson and Mrs. Sturdevant get their quality of life back.

Hamilton Vein Center on Great Day San Antonio

Hamilton Vein Center on Great Day Houston


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