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The doctors and staff at Hamilton Vein Center constantly strive to exceed the expectations of their patients. Below are a few testimonials showcasing how our clinic positively impacts our patients. For more reading, check out our Patient Experience Stories on our blog.


vein patient Sugar Land

“It’s been three weeks from the time of my procedures, and I really feel like I have my legs back! Before it was such an effort to walk, but with the pain gone, I can now do my job without my legs holding me back and being exhausted at the end of the day. I have more energy and I just feel so much better! The entire staff were not only knowledgeable and professional, but also very caring, and made sure I was comfortable throughout. I don’t know why I waited this long to get treatment.”

— Charlotte Fitzgerald, Sugar Land patient



vein patient Sugar Land

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve had leg pain. Then I found Hamilton Vein Center. The procedure was simple, and I went back to work that same day. I don’t have to suffer with leg pain anymore, and I feel great!”

— Eva Ybarra







vein patient Sugar Land

“I tried and tried to find relief for my legs. Doctors kept telling me I had cellulitis, but the medication wasn’t working. I went to Hamilton Vein Center, and they were able to diagnose and treat me for advanced vein disease. Best of all, my insurance picked up 100% of the tab!”

— Vicki Caum, Sugar Land patient







vein patient Sugar Land

“After 5 years of frustrating wound care and recent failed skin grapt surgery, I was referred to Hamilton Vein Center by my wound care doctor for leg ulcers. Naturally I was skeptical at first because I tried different treatments in the past. Now after 12 weeks, the ulcer is almost completely healed, and I am now a believer and a grateful patient. It took only an ultrasound to confirm that vein disease was causing the leg ulcers. I found the staff very friendly and caring and the appointments prompt. I’m excited about my follow up appointments because total healing is in sight. I wish the same for all patients with leg ulcers and vein disease. Thank you Hamilton Vein Center.”  — Catherina Ragin, Sugar Land & Clear Lake patient


Donna Manning vein patient

“I was watching TV and saw a commercial for Hamilton Vein Center. My husband said, “look that’s your leg!”. I have been struggling for six years, bouncing around from doctor to dermatologist and no one could help me. Finally, I found you guys and felt so relieved to have figured out the root of my leg pain, irritation and discoloration. I am a retail store manager and spend up to 10 hours on my feet everyday. My leg pain has been getting in the way of my job, family life and sleep. Since my procedure, everything is so much better! The pain is 100% improved. I am always on my feet, and I haven’t had any leg spasms or pain at all. Before my procedure, I needed to take breaks to sit down about every hour, and now I can work through the entire day without any problem at all…it’s really amazing! Since I had been to so many doctors who could not help me, I was preparing for the worst — thinking in the future I may even lose my foot — but my ulcer is improving every day. I even sent my dad in for a consultation! He sees how well I am doing and is going to have treatment himself!”  — Donna Manning


vein patient Sugar Land

“We went down there and it was unbelievable. We live 52 miles from Dr. Hamilton’s office…we traveled 102 miles for 19 trips to see him. [Following my procedure], I ride my bike every day, walk the dogs…at nighttime the fatigue and pain in my legs was unbearable and it’s not there anymore!” What Mrs. Cavalli says about her husband: “He would complain constantly about the fatigue and maybe a little bit of throbbing but the visual on it was insane — it was literally like chains underneath his skin and now it’s gone.”

— Louis Cavalli, Sugar Land patient



varicose vein patient

“It was amazing when I walked into the office…I knew I was in the right place. [After my procedure], the assistant said now hop down off the table and get dressed and then you’re ready to go. I thought, wow, my legs feel 5 pounds lighter! I couldn’t believe it!”

— Lou Ann Zeches, Sugar Land patient

varicose vein patient Sugar Land

“I have had varicose veins since I was in high school.  As I got older and of course heavier, the veins on both my legs have gotten worse.  As a result, I started suffering from pain and inflammation (swelling) of the ankles and feet.  Being a diabetic, I have always had to take special care of any wound or injury to my legs.  I saw an ad in the newspaper on Dr. Hamilton’s center.  What caught my attention was the fact that it stated that Dr. Hamilton might be able to alleviate my pain and swelling symptoms, and best of all, that Medicare would cover the entire procedures after meeting my deductible. Another important fact was that they had offices in all areas of Houston.  There was an office (Bellaire) just 5 minutes from my work office, so I made my first appointment there. The entire staff is extremely well qualified and very professional.  The staff of P.A.’s and assistants are excellent.  Because of scheduling problems, I had to go to the Sugar Land Clinic one day.  This is where I met Dr. Carlos Hamilton.  I had the rest of my procedures scheduled for and done at the Sugar Land office.  Kristin one of the P.A.’s, and Eliana one of the M.A.’s are top notch in my book.  Dr. Hamilton worked on me several times and was very knowledgeable and explained exactly what procedure he was doing and what to expect. I had my last procedure about 3 weeks ago and everything is great.  The varicose veins on both my legs are completely gone.  I have no more swelling or pain in my legs. My son is a dermatologist in Houston and he had been suggesting that I get my legs looked at.  He was so impressed with the results of my procedures that he has started referring his patients with severe vein problems to Dr. Hamilton’s Vein Center. I would highly recommend the Hamilton Vein Center to anyone having vein and circulation problems in their legs.”  — Manuel Davila, Sugar Land patient


Donna Manning vein patient

“While at work, I happened to overhear Dr. Hamilton on TV talking about symptoms that I had. When I came in the first time and filled out the patient checklist, I basically had every single symptom there was — pain, tiredness, leg cramps, swelling, skin changes — you name it! Since my procedures, I’ve felt so much better in every way. People don’t understand how much it affects your life. Having my legs treated has been a life-changing event. Before I was tired and felt like I had the life sucked out of me, but now I just want to go go go all the time. I have walked more in the past 2 days than I have in the past 2 months. Dr. Hamilton and the staff are very caring and helpful. Being treated has been a great experience.”

— Philip DeBaker, Katy & Sugar Land patient


“I had a severe case of restless leg syndrome and my legs hurt and felt heavy. The procedure has greatly improved my everyday life. Not only was it quick and easy, everyone in the office was really well-informed and answered my questions to make sure I was comfortable. I was very fortunate that I was able to get the procedure done because my legs haven’t bothered me at all since then…I spend about 4 to 5 hours on my feet working. On a scale from 1 to 10, it went from a 10 being the worst all the way down to a 1. It was so bad before that I was taking up to 7 or 8 pills a day. Now after my procedure, I only have to take 1 or maybe 2 pills on occasion. I’m really glad I found Dr. Hamilton and his delightful team to treat my restless leg and really bring some relief to my life.”

— Arthur Eernisse, Clear Lake patient 


“Dr. Hamilton was personable, professional and very knowledgeable and inspires confidence. All staff were professional, thorough and knowledgeable. I was given all the time I needed and made to feel that Dr. Hamilton & his staff felt I was important and not just another another patient to be processed. Overall an excellent experience.” M.M.


”I have dealt with this problem for many years, but I have never had anyone explain it to me like HVC did.” S.M.


“I especially appreciated Dr Hamilton and his staff caring about keeping me waiting. I was surprised and pleased that a staff member came out to the waiting room to tell me Dr. H. was delayed a bit because he was finishing a procedure on another patient. It was kind of Dr. Hamilton to also apologize for having to keep me waiting. I have waited far longer for doctors who didn’t seem to care how long I’d been kept waiting, nor did they bother to apologize. I appreciate being respected as a patient, by my doctor recognizing that my time is as valuable to me as his is to him. Thank you!” L.G.