Patient Success Story: Throbbing, Chain-like Veins for Years

For years, Hamilton Vein Center patient, Louis Cavalli, suffered with throbbing, heavy-feeling legs. Legs that developed bulging veins so pronounced his wife, Margie, said they looked like “chains under the skin.”

No doctor he went to could help him find a solution as to why his legs looked and felt so badly. That was until a friend told him about Dr. Hamilton. So Louis and Margie drove 104 miles round trip to visit Hamilton Vein Center. A simple ultrasound revealed that Louis had vein disease. From there, Louis underwent ablations (VNUS Closure) to close the diseased veins and redirect blood to healthier veins, a few phlebectomies to deal with the “special case” veins that serve as vein connectors, and some sclerotherapy. When vein disease is left untreated for too long, the ramifications can lead to problems developing in other veins, so vein treatments like ambulatory phlebectomy and foam sclerotherapy may be necessary as part of a patient’s vein treatment plan.

Last March Louis received the last of his vein treatments – a sclerotherapy – and is now happily in maintenance mode. He enjoys riding his bike every day, walking his dogs and enjoying his legs once again. His vein journey – and success with vein treatments – has spurred Margie into taking action with her vein issues. She plans on starting her treatments once she undergoes some orthopedic surgeries and hits the magical 65th birthday in May – when she’ll be eligible for Medicare – which will cover her vein treatments! That’s because vein disease is a medical condition – not just a cosmetic issue – and therefore is covered by Medicare and most insurance companies.

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Here is Louis, Margie and Dr. Hamilton on Great Day Houston sharing Louis’ vein treatment journey as well as more information on vein disease and the signs of vein disease.