I have walked more in the past 2 days than I have in the past 2 months. Dr. Hamilton and the staff are very caring and helpful. Being treated has been a great experience.

Philip D.

The varicose veins on both my legs are completely gone. I have no more swelling or pain in my legs.

Manuel D.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had leg pain. Then I found Hamilton Vein Center.

Eva Y.

Since my procedure, everything is so much better! The pain is 100% improved. I am always on my feet, and I haven’t had any leg spasms or pain at all.

Donna M.

I tried and tried to find relief for my legs. I went to Hamilton Vein Center, and they were able to diagnose and treat me for advanced vein disease. Best of all, my insurance picked up 100% of the tab!

Vicki C.

[After my procedure], the assistant said now hop down off the table and get dressed and then you’re ready to go. I thought, wow, my legs feel 5 pounds lighter! I couldn’t believe it!

Lou Ann Z.

I ride my bike every day, walk the dogs…at nighttime the fatigue and pain in my legs was unbearable and it’s not there anymore!

Louis C.

I found the staff very friendly and caring and the appointments prompt. I’m excited about my follow up appointments because total healing is in sight.

Catherina R.

I had a severe case of restless leg syndrome and my legs hurt and felt heavy. The procedure has greatly improved my everyday life.

Arthur E.

It’s been three weeks from the time of my procedures, and I really feel like I have my legs back!

Charlotte F.