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Clinical Data

Transparency in Outcomes

At Hamilton Vein Center, we are undertaking a Quality Management System. What does this mean to you? It means that Hamilton Vein Center collects data and analyzes results to make positive changes if needed in order to continue to offer the best possible care and outcomes to our patients suffering from vein disease.  We have launched a program that will initially focus on the following areas:

Implementing Quality Assurance

Our qualified Quality Council assess, develop, and implement initiatives and guidelines for safety,  staff qualifications, initial competency based clinical orientation, continuing education, and annual competency.

Measuring Complication Rates

We measure, analyze causes and integrate learning back into our clinical protocols. Our initial complication rates gathered from data not only meet but exceed published benchmarks with the exception of endovenous heat induced thrombus (EHIT). Even though EHITs are mostly not clinically significant and all almost resolve on their own, we have established an action plan to implement and improve results on this one complication. In addition, we have reviewed and updated the EHIT measurement protocol based on evidence based practice since EHITs were over-called. We will continue to monitor the rate and intervene accordingly. The data collected is below.

Post Procedure Complication Rates Q2 2015 (April – June 2015)

Overall comp chart


rfa q2 2015


phleb q2 2015


usgs q2 2015


Post Procedure Complication Rates Q1 2015 (January – March 2015)

Hamilton Vein Center Clinical Data


Hamilton Vein Center Clinical Data


Hamilton Vein Center Clinical Data


Hamilton Vein Center Clinical Data

Hamilton Vein Center is dedicated to treating vein disease. Our expert vein doctors are trained in minimally invasive, image guided procedures offering vein treatments in Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions!

Improving Patient and Provider Experience

Apply changes to Patient Coordinator Center to enhance patient and referring physician experience while collecting data to constantly help improve efficacy and efficiency results.