Resolution Reality Check: Keeping Your Mojo in Focus

Now that we’re 35 days into 2013 – it’s time for a Resolution Reality Check.

How’s your (put your resolution list here) going?

January is ushered in with much fanfare with its clean slate status. Most of us make promises to “do better this year.” That’s a good thing – however, if you’re anything like a lot of people, the first week or so you’re super motivated and sticking to your “get better” plan, then life seems to start thwarting your schedule and messing with your mojo. Thwarts vary from person to person – and you know exactly what yours are.

Sometimes all it takes to keep your mojo going and your resolutions in check is a nice positive visual — so here are a few to help keep you pumped.

Crack open this inspiring story from the Huffington Post on fortune cookie wisdom.

 Leave your roommate, kids, spouse an encouraging word on the bathroom mirror.

Inspiration boards are all the rage right now. Create your own at home, on Pinterest or the fridge (the original inspiration board!) — wherever you can get those awesome visual reminders of what moves, reminds, inspires YOU. Inspiration boards are a unique touchstone into our souls. Try one, you’ll like it!

Seriously, this works. Call mom and for sure her day will be made. Do it this week then repeat until December. See what happens.

Source: Uploaded by user via İlknur on Pinterest


You know what “they” say — organized closet, organized life. Get that cathartic feeling soon when you carve out time on a Saturday in February to cull the closets. Do that and the rest of 2013 will be bliss. Swear.

Another feel good opportunity is to finally do something about those bulging, aching, irritating veins. Just pick up the phone and call Hamilton Vein Center at 281-565-0033 and schedule your vein consultation today — and by summer you’ll be sporting feeling good, looking good legs.


Drop in on Gwyneth Paltrow’s fabulous life every now and then with a visit to Goop.

 Look no further than fitsugar for fitness, diet, health and wellness inspiration. Amen.

What inspires you and keeps you motivated with your resolutions or in life? Let us know — in the comment section below or on our Facebook page.