See Ya, Cement Legs!

Irma Garcia is the friendly face who greets our Sugar Land location patients. Lucky for her, she is employed by southeast Texas’ leading vein treatment center, so when she told Dr. Hamilton that her legs often felt tired, heavy and achy at the end of the day, he performed an ultrasound — and sure enough, it was vein disease causing her discomfort. Soon thereafter she had a simple, painless vein treatment and she now thoroughly enjoys her newfound energy and pain-free legs. Irma didn’t even miss a beat at work — because today’s procedures take less than an hour to perform with no downtime or long recovery periods and maybe best of all — they are covered by insurance and Medicare!

Irma and Dr. Hamilton share Irma’s vein treatment journey and other vein disease facts with Deborah Duncan on Great Day Houston. Air date: February 5, 2013.