Skip the Tie and Socks this Father’s Day. Give Dad the Gift of Health Instead.

Father’s Day is just three days away, so time to get your gift game on.

Father's Day Ahead

But before you “do the usual” and head to the mall to grab a tie or practical pair of black socks, why not get dad something that’ll get his blood pumping and put his health on the up tick.


Wearable fitness trackers have been around a while now, but, for whatever reason, we’ve really started noticing how many people are wearing these tiny tech wonders. So we decided to investigate and find out what the big deal is.

We first discovered that there are quite a few brands available — like FitBitGarmin VivofitJawbone Up, and Nike FuelBand — that monitor all kinds of things — calorie intake, steps taken, calories burned, sleep time, weight monitoring, and more. Apparently, the people who wear them, love them! When we asked a patient about her FitBit, she immediately launched into this mini-presentation about all the cool things it tracks – how many steps she had taken that day, calories she’s burned, sleep, her food intake, weight loss updates. She is loving her FitBit.  Do you wear a fitness tracker? Let us know on our Facebook page.

 To read more about the different brands, here’s a nice comparison we came across. 


OK, we know we said to ditch the traditional tie and socks as gifts. But compression socks aren’t your ordinary socks. Compression socks put just the right amount of squeeze on dad’s legs, easing leg pain and achiness. And just because they’re knee highs, don’t be thinking these are 1970s throwback knee socks. Today’s compression socks come in cool colors and have taken on a bit of prestige and street cred as many athletes and long-distance runners swear by them both during workouts/races and to help in post-workout recovery. At Hamilton Vein Center we have patients awaiting vein treatments wear compression socks as “conservative treatment” because they help ease vein disease symptoms for our patients who are waiting for the green light from their insurance companies to undergo vein treatment. Many of our staff wear compression socks and tights because they’re on their feet all day. We think it’s the compression hose that keep them smiling the way they do all day 🙂

HVC Staff Sporting Compression Socks

Find out more about the benefits of compression sock therapy


Help dad look as cool as the guys on his favorite team getting off the team bus, strolling into the arena with their headphones on, when you get him an awesome pair of workout-proof headphones. Men’s Fitness ranks these 12 as the best out there right now.

Panasonic RP Earbuds


Really, the best gift you can give D.A.D. is the gift of your presence. So spend some quality time quality time — “QT” with him and head to a tasty brunch and then it off and get the leg veins pumpin’ with a bike ride, nice stroll — even a mall stroll counts! — or going back and forth between the fridge and the grill.  It’s a win win for everyone and everything — like dad’s leg veins.

Austin — Stroll or paddle along Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake in Austin


Nothing draws a crowd like hot dogs on a grill!

grandpa grilling

Cool off and stroll through one of Houston’s many fine museums.

fine arts museum - houston


IN Does dad ever complain about his tired legs? Maybe he says he has restless legs from time to time. Maybe he’s not tearing up the dance floor with mom like he used to?

If you’ve noticed a slow down in dad, ask him if he’s had a leg ultrasound. Chances are he hasn’t, so make the call for him and get him in for a vein consult and screening. Men get vein disease too. And as vein disease is 90% genetic, odds are your pops could be suffering from undiagnosed but totally treatable vein disease.

So save dad from having to fake a smile and ooh and ahhh over “the usual” this Father’s Day. Helping him get moving and taking a closer look at his leg issues with a vein ultrasound are sure to have him sporting a real smile.

To book dad’s vein consultation and screening — please call 281-565-0033 (Greater Houston/Southeast Texas) or 512-551-1403 (Greater Austin/Central Texas)

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Father’s Day Ahead

Austin Lady Bird Lake

Houston Fine Arts Museum

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