Some Skin Problems Are More Than Skin Deep.

When you notice changes in your skin, it’s natural to think it’s a dermatological issue. But when the changes occur in the leg area – especially around the ankles and on the calf, the cause might be an underlying, progressive medical condition known as vein disease.

When bad flow happens to good people.

Vein disease happens when pressure within vein walls causes them to stretch and enlarge to a point that the vein’s valves are not able to open and shut properly. So deoxygenated blood that is trying to return to the heart via the veins in the legs begins flowing backwards.

At Hamilton Vein Center, we rely on ultrasound technology
                  to find out how blood is flowing through your veins.

When this happens, the classic symptoms of vein disease start to present themselves, including feelings of heaviness, tiredness, and achiness. The pressure builds and skin changes begin. Left unchecked, the pressure can become too much for the red blood cells and fluid in the vein, so they begin to seep into surrounding tiny veins and skin tissue. The skin in the lower leg area – especially around the ankle – is thinner to begin with, so all this overflow and pooling can trigger a new set of advanced vein symptoms, like:

o Skin discoloration — reddening or darkening of the skin around the ankles/calf area










o Purple feet

o Discoloration, itchy, flaky skin on legs or feet (venous dermatitis)

Patient with venous dermatitis, which presents more often in the left leg.


















o Discoloration, thickening and hardening of the skin (Lipodermatosclerosis)

o Leg ulcers

Relief for debilitating, irritating skin conditions caused by vein disease is not available in a cream or another round of medication. It’s found at Hamilton Vein Center – a leader among vein treatment clinics in Texas.

Even in its most advanced stages, vein disease is treatable. As a matter of fact, people who suffer from venous dermatitis, leg ulcers, and dry, itchy, hardened skin have the most to gain from today’s minimally invasive vein treatments.

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