Sports-loving Educator Back in the Swing of Life After Vein Treatments

Suzanne W. is always on the move. Out on the golf course, tennis or pickle ball court is where she likes to be.

She’s also a life-long educator – so she has spent countless hours on her feet – and has coached many a team.

For a number of years, Suzanne noticed that when she stopped moving – she would experience excruciating pain in her calves and the tops of her feet.

Of course, she just thought it was muscle pain.

But the pain became so unbearable that she was unable to sleep. Her legs – from the knees down — became jumpy, restless, tired – and often swelled.

Luckily for Suzanne, her doctor noticed her symptoms as the signs of vein disease and referred her to the Hamilton Vein Center. Suzanne calls him her “puzzle doctor”.

Suzanne's Legs "Before" Her Vein Treatments
Suzanne’s Legs “Before” Her Vein Treatments

“My doctor just puts the pieces together. I came in with terrible knee pain, aching calves and tops of feet, and he was able to pinpoint the knee pain as a separate problem, but suspected the calves and feet issue were related to something else.”

At first, Suzanne was skeptical. She was certain all this pain was muscle-related. That school of thought changed after her initial consultation at Hamilton Vein Center where she discovered that her symptoms were caused by vein disease – a medical condition that can manifest in many ways – including aching legs and feet.

Turns out, Suzanne also suffers from lymphedema – swelling that occurs due to abnormalities in the lymphatic system. The good news is that this swelling often subsides substantially after vein treatment – a pleasant “side effect” Suzanne would experience after her treatment.

Knees Go First.

The first order of business for Suzanne was to complete and recover fully from her double knee surgeries. Once her knee problems were under control, the next step was to end her vein problems with a round of radiofrequency ablation and sclerotherapy in both legs.

Much Improved Look & Feel After Treatments

After treatment, Suzanne noticed her symptoms were gone. She was even surprised to see that the silver dollar size cluster of bulging veins on one of her legs had disappeared too.

Lessons Learned.

As an educator – Suzanne wants everyone to know that they don’t have to suffer with any kind of leg pain like she did for a number of years.

“When in doubt, get it checked out.”

No longer does she have to think, “Will I have to stand for a long time or walk a long way?” like she used to when pondering whether to go to places like the Houston rodeo.

If you are suffering from any type of leg pain, discomfort, discoloration or swelling, schedule a consultation and leg vein screening at a conveniently located Hamilton Vein Center clinic. As Suzanne says “There’s no need to suffer as long as I did.”

Since 2010, Hamilton Vein Center has been helping people feel better and look better by providing the most advanced, virtually pain-free approach to the diagnosis and treatment of vein disease. Through the use of minimally invasive procedures, board-certified interventional radiologists are able to treat patients in the clinic with little to no downtime needed. Hamilton Vein Center has conveniently located vein treatment centers in the Greater Houston area, Austin and San Antonio. 

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