Surprisingly Stylin’ Compression Therapy Socks & Tights

When your varicose veins are aching, paining and weighing you down, there’s nothing like the ‘’aaaaahhhhh” relief you feel when you put on a pair of compression hose or socks. These “tighten-uppers” are an instant mood booster for your legs!

For those of you who know compression wear, it’s not always the most fashionable look to be caught in. But when your leg veins are throbbing and your muscles are talkin’ to you, compression takes the edge off – and that’s what you want.

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Well, we’re happy to report that compression wear is evolving – and, dare we say, even becoming a bit stylish. So if you’re pregnant; are employed in a job that has you standing or sitting for long periods; dealing with the pesky achiness, heaviness and tiredness of varicose veins; undergoing pre-insurance approval “conservative treatment” before a vein treatment procedure; flying or traveling in a car long distances; overdid it on the workout, are a distance runner; or your legs just ache – check out the chic compression wear that’s out there for you:

Chic Compression on Pinterest

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After a vein consultation, our patients are given a choice of Total Vein compression hose to wear — free of charge. 

total vein brands


RejuvaHealth has a nice selection of mens’ & women’s’ socks & tights in a range of styles from athletic to fun to kinda sexy.



After a vein treatment procedure, we recommend our patients wear Juzo compression tights 

juzo fall colors


Compression hose can be a bit tricky to put on — here’s a “how to” video that takes some of the lug ‘n tug out of donning your legs’ new BFFs.


Are you a compression fashionista? Let us know by leaving a comment or on our Facebook page – even better send us a picture to [email protected] so we can show everyone that compression can be cool!