Symptom Spotlight: Leg Swelling

People suffering with edema know all to well the pain and discomfort associated with swollen calves, ankles and feet. But what they may not know is that today’s advanced vein treatments can stem or end the pain and discomfort all together!swelling, leg swelling, edema, lymphedema

What causes leg swelling?

There are many reasons why our legs swell from time to time. You may notice some swelling after a long car drive, sitting at a desk all day, or living in Texas during the summer. But for people suffering with chronic swelling (edema), the causes are more often brought on by lymphatic dysfunction and/or a more progressive stage of vein disease – a medical condition caused by poor functioning vein valves. If vein disease is left unchecked, venous hypertension builds, forcing fluid to pool in the lymphatic system and tissues beneath the skin.

What’s the connection?

Because the body’s lymphatic and venous systems are intricately connected systems, both are affected when one or the other – or in some cases – both systems are diseased or compromised. Lymphedema and vein disease even share similar symptoms, including skin changes that can lead to leg ulcers and venous dermatitis – both of which are advanced conditions of vein disease.

Get your veins checked.

The bright spot in all this is that today’s minimally invasive vein treatments can bring immediate relief and reduce or eradicate leg swelling symptoms in lymphedema sufferers and vein disease sufferers. Relief starts with a visit to a Hamilton Vein Center clinic to have a comprehensive ultrasound of your leg veins by one of our highly skilled vein specialists. As vein specialists who are expertly skilled in image-guided diagnostics, we can determine right away if vein disease is present and its severity. Many lymphedema sufferers have compromised veins and getting these veins treated can be an integral part of their recovery. And for people with edema that is caused solely by vein disease, it should resolve after vein treatment is completed.

If you’d like to end your leg swelling and end or reduce your symptoms of lymphedema, contact Hamilton Vein Center today. Our vein specialists have the knowledge and the tools to help you feel better!

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