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Itching / Burning / Numbness

Often times, patients with vein disease will notice itching or burning in their legs. This itching sometimes leads to dry skin or a rash called venous eczema. The burning sensation may also be accompanied by a throbbing feeling, and the skin may feel slightly numb or warm to the touch. Itching and/or burning on the legs can be a sign of vein disease whether or not varicose veins or spider veins are present.

Patients with diabetes are 10 times more likely to have vein disease than the general population. It is especially important that these diabetic patients have a comprehensive ultrasound performed to determine if vein disease is present.

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If you are experiencing any signs or symptoms from vein disease including itchy legs, burning in your legs, or numbness in legs, call today to schedule your consultation with the vein specialists at Hamilton Vein Center. We are dedicated to our patients and the diagnosis and treatment of vein-related diseases with our multiple locations in Texas.

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