The Big List of Modern Vein Treatment Benefits

Procedures that treat vein disorders, such as varicose and spider veins, have come a long way since the days when varicose vein treatment most likely meant surgical removal – or “stripping” — of the diseased vein from the leg by a general surgeon.

Talk about a not so pleasant experience, not to mention, not that effective either. Many times a year our vein specialists re-treat people who have experienced a botched or ineffective vein stripping. Thank goodness for them, today’s minimally invasive vein treatments are gentle and nip the problem right in the bud at the source. And because our vein specialists are vascular and interventional radiologists, we are expertly trained and skilled in the most advanced, leading edge technologies used to treat any vein disorder. Diagnosing and treating vein disease is all we do, so you can trust your legs and health to us.

If someone’s terrible vein stripping story is still replaying in your head, take comfort in the following benefits of receiving a vein treatment at Hamilton Vein Center:

Today’s Vein Treatments:

Performed on outpatient basis

Take less than an hour – start to finish

Little to no downtime

Quick recovery

97% effective

Little to no pain

Nick the size of a grain of rice – hardly visible or not at all

Reroutes blood through healthier, deeper veins

Noticeable relief immediately post-procedure

Provide relief at any stage of progression – from tiny spider veins to debilitating leg ulcers

Very low complication rate


Added Benefit: This year we initiated a Quality Management System to help us gauge rates of effectiveness and complications and track the overall patient experience. 

Here is an example of data compiled May-July 2014

May through July CX rates

Click for complete QMS information

We want to help you feel better. Get your legs back. And keep them going strong once you’ve undergone treatment. That’s why when you’re a Hamilton Vein Center patient, you come back after your treatment for a follow-up appointment, and then we ask our patients to check back in on an annual basis so we can check the health of their veins.  Keeping vein disease at bay takes vigilance, but today’s minimally invasive vein treatments make it so much easier and effective to treat.

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