The Scientific Benefits Behind Daily Leg Elevation

How many of you ever suffer with achy, tired, heavy-feeling legs at the end of the day?

hands in the air
That’s a nice show of hands.

Looks like lots of you.

And it feels good to prop them up on the ottoman, or the couch with a little pillow tucked underneath, or in bed on top of your makeshift pillow pyramid, right?

The Pillow Pyramid
may not be working for you as best it should.

When you elevate, you’re doing your circulation and your leg veins a great service. And we have discovered some interesting information that takes the reasons why it’s important to elevate to a whole new level.

The folks at Lounge Doctor – (love the name!) – line out in great detail the science behind the two aspects they say are crucial for maximum circulatory benefit and relief of vein disease symptoms:

1. Elevate daily

2. Position legs at the scientifically proven, ideal leg elevation level

Now most of us probably don’t think about getting the proper angles with our Pillow Pyramids, but luckily the Lounge Doctor folks have.

Lounge Doctor_Ideal Position

For the complete Lounge Doctor elevation lesson, head to the Lounge Doctor Classroom. There you’ll find an easy-to-understand summarization of what happens when the valves in the vein don’t function properly, causing blood to flow backwards and make your legs swell, ache, feel like an elephant’s, and even more painful symptoms of vein disease.

Needless to say, we get pumped when we come across accurate explanations of vein disease on the Internet and ways to find relief, like leg elevation. So thank you, Lounge Doctors.

Of course, the ultimate relief from painful, irritating, embarrassing varicose veins is to undergo a gentle, effective, minimally invasive vein treatment. Once that’s done, you can bring those pillows back up from the bottom of the bed to the top to rest your weary head.

Ahh, that's better.
Ahh, that’s better.

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