The Silent Symptoms of Vein Disease.

“I had no idea!”

We can’t tell you how often we hear this after performing a diagnostic ultrasound on a new patient’s legs – and it reveals that he or she has vein disease.

So why are so many people in the dark about vein disease?

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Well, lots of reasons, actually. Many people do not know there is a problem with their veins because most people do not associate veins with symptoms like leg cramping, occasional or regular leg pain, restless legs, flaky & itchy skin, skin discoloration and ulcers. Most of the time these symptoms – and other vein disease symptoms — are mistakingly attributed to something wrong with the muscles, a dermatological problem, or just a sign of getting older. Basically, if folks don’t see spider veins or bulging veins, they don’t think about their veins.

That said, you can see why vein disease gets left untreated and, for the most part, undetected. That’s because so many doctors and healthcare professionals don’t have vein disease on their radars either.

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And so people who are suffering unknowingly with advanced stages of this progressive disease – venous dermatisis and venous ulcers – continue to suffer unnecessarily. What’s worse is that some physicians do know the issues are vein-related, but just don’t know that outstanding, highly effective vein treatments are available and, therefore, they under-treat the situation with ineffective, temporary fixes like wraps, creams and courses of antibiotics.

As vein specialists, we at Hamilton Vein are on a mission to end the silence. Vein disease is a progressive medical condition that will worsen over time. It is primarily hereditary, but other factors contribute to developing it. It is very treatable – at any stage of the progression. And today’s vein treatments take less than an hour to perform in the comfort and convenience of our office, bringing you immediate relief with no downtime – to an end to unnecessary pain and suffering. It’s that simple.

Don’t suffer in silence any longer. If you are experiencing ANY issues with your legs – come in for a vein screening and consultation – and find out if it’s vein disease that’s been making all that noise with your legs.

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