Unfinished Business: Veins Treated Elsewhere Not Always Treated Correctly.

When Dr. Carlos R. Hamilton III opened Hamilton Vein Center Sugar Land in 2010, it was his vision to take minimally invasive vein treatments out of a hospital setting and into a convenient, comfortable, outpatient experience. His clinic was the first vein treatment clinic of its kind.

In four short years, not only has Hamilton Vein Center grown – with currently nine Texas locations, but we’ve also noticed an uptick in the number of clinics, doctors (who often do not specialize in veins and vein treatments), and medical spa-type facilities, offering vein treatments. Usually their vein treatment offerings are limited to sclerotherapy – a cosmetic procedure that eliminates spider veins. However, some do offer more specialized treatments, such as radio frequency ablation.

The beauty of today’s vein treatments is how highly effective they are. Minimally invasive vein treatments shut down vein disease at its source. That is, unless the source is missed or the vein disease was not fully detected and treated properly. Those two reasons are the main reasons why we often have people come to us who have had undergone vein treatments elsewhere and are still experiencing vein disease symptoms – such as achiness, bulging veins, and continued discomfort.

As part of our diagnostic protocol, we perform a leg vein ultrasound to help us see what’s going on with the blood flow in the leg. Ultrasound is the secret weapon we rely on to help us gauge the severity of vein disease – if it is present.

With our patients who have been treated elsewhere, the ultrasound says it all. Besides botched procedures, most of the time it’s a missed area – like a diseased perforating vein, which is treated differently (usually outside the capabilities of most clinics) — that is causing the ongoing issue. Or, even more painful and less effective, the patient underwent a vein stripping.

Perforating vein

So, yes, there are many places out there offering vein treatments, however, please be aware the mentality is that vein problems are a cosmetic issue. So you just go in, zap it and off you go. When, in fact, vein disease is a progressive medical condition that needs to be diagnosed and tackled as a whole, or you will continue to battle with it as the vein walls continue to deteriorate and cause even more serious problems.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your legs – from restlessness, achiness, swelling to unsightly spider veins to a wound that isn’t responding to topical treatments or wraps – make an appointment at a conveniently located Hamilton Vein Center. We are vein experts. We were the first to make today’s most advanced minimally invasive vein treatments easily accessible and convenient, and it’s our mission to rid you of the discomfort, embarrassment and pain of vein disease so you can feel better and get back to enjoying the things you like to do or wearing the clothes you like to wear — and look better doing it!

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