Vein Disease: Not on Every Doctor’s Radar

There are so many people suffering with vein pain unnecessarily because their doctors often do not consider venous insufficiency – the backward flow of blood through the veins – as a possible source of the pain in their patients’ legs.  And when the signs of venous insufficiency — feelings of achiness, heaviness, tiredness, restlessness, and dull to sharp pain in the legs — are misconstrued for another ailment , “band-aid” treatments are prescribed that deal with surface symptoms, leaving the venous insufficiency unchecked and untreated.  And that’s bad news for unknowing venous insufficiency sufferers because, over time, this progressive medical condition will advance to a point where pain becomes more intense and manifest itself in the form of skin ulcers, skin discoloration, edema or another debilitating condition.

Now the good news. If you have vein pain or are experiencing any level of discomfort in your legs, a simple vein consultation and ultrasound screening with a vein specialist can determine if venous insufficiency is present or not. Nearly 97% of people who are diagnosed and undergo a state-of-the art, image-guided vein treatment experience immediate relief of symptoms.

More good news.  Because venous insufficiency is considered a medical condition, minimally invasive vein treatments, such as Venefit™(formerly called VNUS Closure), are covered by most insurance carriers and Medicare. These highly effective vein treatments close down the vein – and the pain – at any stage of the disease with little to no downtime.

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