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Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure used to treat varicose veins and spider veins.  You can read more about symptoms of vein disease including varicose veins and spider veins under the “Symptoms” tab.

What are the Benefits of Sclerotherapy vein treatment?

  • Improves cosmetic appearance
  • Relieves itching, burning, aching, swelling associated with vein disease

How is Sclerotherapy Performed?

A tiny needle is used to inject an irritant solution directly into the vein. The solution irritates the lining of the vessel, causing it to close down. Over time, the body will absorb the treated vein and it will disappear. Only mild discomfort occurs during the procedure.

The number of veins injected in one session varies depending on the size and location of the veins, and the patient’s overall medical condition. Anywhere from one to several sclerotherapy sessions may be needed for any vein region.

What Can I Expect After Sclerotherapy?

Medically prescribed support hose and/or bandages may need to be worn for several days to several weeks to assist in resolution of the veins. In general, veins respond to treatment in 3 to 6 weeks, and larger veins respond in 3 to 4 months.

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How Much Does Sclerotherapy Cost?

Since sclerotherapy for spider veins is typically considered a cosmetic procedure, most insurance companies will not cover the cost. Please call today to schedule your consultation and discuss all of your pricing and financing options for sclerotherapy in one of our Houston or Austin area vein clinic locations.

Where Can I Get Sclerotherapy?

Call today to schedule your consultation with the vein specialists at Hamilton Vein Center. We have multiple locations across Texas.

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