We Don’t Just Talk Quality. We Measure It.

As a leader among vein clinics in Texas, we raise the bar very high for ourselves, continuously striving to be industry innovators and improve upon our performance in all areas of our practice.

So as we’ve grown from one clinic to nine in the last four years alone, we thought it was time to take another innovative leap and undertake the design and implementation of a Quality Management System.

Quality Management System Word Graphic

A  system that gauges and monitors a number of clinical data integral to various aspects of our practice, so we can make the positive changes needed to provide the best possible care and outcomes for our patients.

Is this required?


Has this been done by any other practice in the outpatient vein clinic field?


Is it necessary?

For us, yes. Because when you run your business by the highest possible standards, you’ve got to know where you stand against benchmarks and relevant data to see where you are and what you need to do to improve.

Our initial focus is:

1) Implementing quality assurance initiatives and guidelines for safety, staff qualifications; initial competency based clinical orientation; continuing education; and annual competency

2) Measuring complication rates

3) Improving patient and referral provider experience

You know what we know.

One of our objectives with this system is to make all collected results and findings transparent and accessible. So we’ve added a “Clinical Data” section on our website with the most recent collected information. Here you’ll also find more detailed information regarding the three main areas of focus we talked about above. Please check back here on our blog and our site for updated information.

It is our privilege to be your partner in the health and care of your veins. We believe this Quality Management System will strengthen our commitment to our patients to do everything necessary to deliver on our promise making your vein treatment journey pleasant and caring with the best possible outcomes of your vein treatment(s) so you can enjoy life the way you like to live it!

We welcome your thoughts/comments on this. You can reach us at [email protected] or calling 281-565-0033 or 512-551-1403

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