“Why I Run” Winning Runners Prep for Sunday’s Race!

We are so proud of our 10 “Why I Run” runners who earned their spots in this year’s running of the Chevron Houston Marathon through Hamilton Vein’s sponsorship of the Marathon Kids and Snowdrop Foundation charities. The big day is less than a week away, so we asked our runners how they’re feeling and preparing in these last few days of training. Best of luck to all of you!

Update from Runner JOY

Well, here we are–one week from the Marathon! I’m not really sure what to think at this point except that I’m excited to run the coolest and hardest race of my life!:)

I ended up doing the 1/2 in San Antonio on November 13 instead of the full, since I was able to win an entry to this Houston one thru the Hamilton Vein Center.

I am somewhat nervous, yet confident at the same time. I have been preparing for this race all year and I’m ready to “Get It DONE!”:)

I will be starting to hydrate this coming week and making sure my body is ready. I’ll be doing some last-minute reading on some marathon tips. I think at this point, I’m just ready to go hit the pavement and enjoy the race! BRING IT!


Update from Runner SHARLIE

Training is going well. For the last two months, the half marathoners have been running roughly 30 miles a week. For the next two weeks, we’ll be tapering, which entails minimal physical activity aside from our (now very short) runs, maintaining a high-carb diet, and avoiding sick people and hazardous situations. Runners actually struggle a bit during this period — we get very restless and anxious — but resting our bodies and minds before the big day is crucial. We’re past the most strenuous part of training, and at this point all we can do is be smart, be safe, and have faith in ourselves and the hard work we’ve put in.

Looking forward to race day! Hoping for good weather and that all my organs and joints cooperate nicely during the adrenaline-filled two hour window.

Thanks again for letting me run for Hamilton Vein Center and Snowdrop Foundation! It’s a honor to support you both.


Update from Runner LYNN

I just completed the Kingwood Marathon on New Year’s Day. I decided to take it EASY for the second half as I have been having MAJOR IT Band issues as well as Bursitis in my left leg and achillies tendonitis in my right. I went for a shot but so far it is not working. I did come in 3rd in my age group at Kingwood and at the sugarland 30K. I did the half at the Rock n Roll in San Antonio but I fell( my 4th fall this season!!!!) badly at the alamo….and because it was in front of the camera there are lots of photos of me on the ground! I quess you could say I am having a tough time of it training this year. Of course I am quite concerned about Houston. I do not think the distance will be a problem but the time will be. Remember I can only walk due to my double hip replacements and I must maintain a 13:22 pace. I know that sounds pretty slow but for walking it can be a challenge if you have to keep it up for 6 hours or more! The first 3 -4 hours are ok but I get a little tired after that and the hips start to hurt..not to mention everything else as well. Maintaining my energy has been hard to manage and I tend to get nausea when I eat late in the race. And I have been getting Charlie Horses between miles 23-25 which slow my pace way down. Alot will depend on the weather for me. I am praying for God’s help! I am pretty determined and am couting on my GRIT to get me through and my love and excitement of the course of the Houston Marathon. I know I will be watching all the bad pot holes! I hope to make this the race I give my all to this year…I hope the 65 year old body will be up to the plan!

I am hoping to rest my legs for the next 1 1/2 weeks and go to the gym to swim and lift weights. I am trying not to worry and am trying to get rid of the doubts. Thank you for all your support.